Vancouver Island MusicFest Returns

Friday, July 9th, 2021 11:46am

The Vancouver Island MusicFest returns this weekend! 

The Vancouver Island MusicFest returns this weekend! The virtual MusicFest has been recorded on-location throughout the Comox Valley, celebrating the music, people, and the heart of the festival. 

Performers Schedule

Fri. July 9, 2021

7:00 pm Opening Ceremonies
7:30 pm  Dirt Road Opera
8:30 pm  Corwin Fox 
9:00 pm  Leonard Sumner 
9:30 pm  Island Blues Session with
Angel Forrest and Denis Columbus, Shawn Hall, Doug Cox, David Vest, Rick May & Phil Wipper

Sat. July 10, 2021

  11:30 am Opening Ceremonies
  12:00 pm  TammyLynn Filgate
  1:00 pm    Willow
  2:00 pm    PK Tessman
  2:30 pm    John McLachlan
  3:00 pm    Judy & Bruce Wing 
  3:30 pm    Easy Street
  4:05 pm    Spirit of Muscle Shoals
  5:30 pm    Evan Redsky 
  6:00 pm    Jeff Plankenhorn
  6:30 pm    Caley Watts
  7:00 pm    Kentucky Eileen 
  8:00 pm    David Vest 
  8:30 pm    Silla & Rise
  9:10 pm    Postcards From Scotland
10:00 pm    Tom Jackson
12:00 am     Raffle Ticket Sales End 

Sun July 11, 2021

11:30 am Opening Ceremonies
12:00 pm Loops
12:30 pm Song Circle with
Liam Docherty, Donna Konsorado, Sweet SantaFe, Kevin Mitchell
2:00 pm   Marc Atkinson
2:30 pm   Gordon Carter
3:00 pm   Fawn Wood
3:30 pm   Workshop – Indigenous Relations & Northern Music Affairs with Leonard Sumner, Wyatt C Louis, Evan Redsky, Caley Watts, Fawn Wood, Silla & Rise
4:30 pm   BettySoo & The Texas Writers with
BettySoo, Diana Burgess, Bill Kirchen, Curtis McMurtry, Bonnie Whitmore
6:15 pm   Wyatt C. Louis
6:45 pm   Helen Austin
7:15 pm   Jontavious Willis
8:00 pm Raffle Draw! 
8:15 pm   Angel Forrest with Denis Columbus 
8:45 pm   Colin Linden
9:45 pm   William Prince

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